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Department of Architectural Engg, University of Sharjah, U.A.E.

Studio Leader: Dr. Iasef Md Rian

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Project Brief  (by C. Herr)

High quality buildings are typically the result of carefully integrating a variety of factors, including both aesthetic and technical aspects. A high level of integration of architectural and engineering concerns from the very beginning of the design process is essential in this context. This studio module addresses collaboration between architects and engineers already early on in the design process, to establish a holistic and cross-disciplinary perspective on architecture and engineering. Principles and practice of design are integrated with principles and practice of technology and construction, with particular attention given to the unifying overall framework of an architectural design concept. Students are offered a first opportunity for conceptual design thinking and cross-disciplinary collaboration to establish core competencies for bridging the fields of architecture and engineering. The module provides a series of theoretical lectures but focuses on applied modes of learning.

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