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B.Engg. Architectural Technology


Department of Architecture, XJTLU, China

Module Leader: Dr. Iasef Md Rian

Co-Tutors: Mr. Zayad Motlib, Dr. Eric Farr

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Project Brief  

Advances in the field of technology always influence the advances in architectural design since history. Technology offers numerous solutions and opportunities to improve the structural and energy performances of a building. While high energy consumption and rising carbon emissions are the concerning threats for the recent and coming decades, architects are recently using computer applications to go for more sustainable and eco-friendly designs without compromising the ever- exploring new aesthetics of forms. With this regard, ‘performance’ has become a vital drive for architectural designs through the combination of new materials and shapes, and consequently pushing the boundaries of Architecture. This workflow, called computational design, enables designers to increase the level of complexity of their research implementing the idea of technological performance and retrieving new data to improve their proposals.In this frame, architectural technology and computational design are joined to explore new solutions and processes through a holistic approach. The aim of the module is to provide an overview of the potential of technology and computational strategies as means to transform dreams in consistent proposals.

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