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M.Arch.Design Studio

Tall Buildings Design


Department of Architecture, XJTLU, China

Studio Leader: Dr. Iasef Md Rian

Co-Tutors: Dr. Kihong Ku, Zayad Motlib, Dr. Gisela. Loehlein

Project Brief 

This studio is designed to focus on the performance-based design of vertical architecture aligning with the process-oriented design approach. Architectonic design is one core emphasis of this studio for designing the high-rise tower through the simulation-derived performance-based computational modeling, adaptive and optimization processes. However, the performative design should consider the underlying fundamental approaches that are both bold and innovative as well as grounded in a strong understanding of the needs of future urban societies. As a part of the process-oriented approach, architecture should be seen as generated through dynamic and adaptive processes that integrate both human habitation, and material, technological as well as larger socio-economic and environmental aspects. As a performance-based approach, architecture should be seen as generated for performing better both for itself and its users as well as for the surroundings and environment. Students will use the computer aided advanced design and performance simulation programs to derive the optimal and high-performance sustainable design of the proposed tower.

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